New England Equity Group

for investors

New England Equity Group investments are made either in partnership with individual investors, angel groups or venture capital firms. Using this approach, we are able to provide financing from $100 thousand to $2 million.

How We Partner with Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

New England Equity Group is a “skin in the game” investor - not a consulting firm. We want to build working relationships with other investors. Consequently, we do not charge for assisting with due diligence on deals that we are considering for co-investment.

Our management and technical expertise uniquely qualifies us to add value to deals by:

Improving Risk Evaluation

We invest our own money in every deal, and only invest in companies within our area of technical and operational experience. And we only invest in companies that we feel have fundamentally sound technologies. Because of this, our co-investors often use us as a litmus test when considering deals.

Talk to us when you are initially evaluating the viability of a deal within our industry sectors. Sometimes, a quick review can save considerable time and expense avoiding deals that are fundamentally flawed.

In addition, during your formal due diligence evaluation, our operations experience enables us to verify the validity of key assumptions in your analysis. Some of the questions we can help answer include:

Minimizing Risk

Business failures for technological companies can often be predicted and avoided if you understand what can go wrong - and how to prevent it. In general, there are two primary kinds of risk; risk for established operating companies and that for new ventures. Utilizing our strong operational experience, we can help companies avoid problems in both categories.

Operational Company Risk

While established companies fail for many reasons, two critical causes are product obsolescence and failure to properly maximize productivity. New England Equity technical expertise can help companies prevent becoming too static by analyzing and improving their product life cycles. In addition, we can assist companies in removing operational bottlenecks to improve production efficiency.

New Venture Risk

New venture failures typically occur in these categories:

New England Equity works with new ventures to help prevent failures in these areas. By paying attention to what can go wrong and how to avoid it, we improve the opportunity to achieve success.

Increasing ROI

Because of the large capital costs for scale-up and expansion in companies that utilize chemical engineering technology, “getting it right the first time” is critical to achieving a high rate of return on investment. Our principals have extensive experience with scale-up and process optimization. We can help companies prevent problems in these areas, resulting in significantly increased investment returns.

Delivering Faster Payouts

In the industrial sectors we invest in, problems with process scale-up, plant construction and market expansion can dramatically extend the time needed before investors can realize successful payout.

New England Equity understands how to effectively develop and commercialize technology. That means our co- investors will be able to “get in and get out” faster on deals we participate in.

How We Partner with Individual Investors

In addition to partnering with private equity or venture capital firms, some of our deals are financed utilizing high-net-worth individual co-investors. In these cases, New England Equity does not create investment funds. Instead, we establish separate limited partnerships for each investment transaction, with New England Equity as the general partner for each LP.

The advantage to our co-investors is that they know exactly what they are investing in and can review the due diligence reports prior to investing. If you are an accredited investor and are interested in partnering with us - give us a call.